Nelson Zuleta, was born in Caracas Venezuela in a decade full of changes and revolutions.

Influenced by the arts, he devotes his youth educating his musical and aesthetic vocations in the field of multiple-arts in Maracaibo where he studies architecture at the illustrious University of Zulia, forming part of the first promotion of architects of the XXI century, of his soul mater.

Throughout his life, from anonymity, he prepared his arsenal of poems and songs, which in the form of stories were shaping his life, and viceversa.

In 2001 he moved to Miami, USA, where he began his career in the field of architectural design and construction without forgetting his role as a composer, collaborating in various projects with Eddie Gonzales (Ex-Fantasma del Caribe), Grammy award winning Javier Mendoza (renowned pianist and producer).

He participated in different music works with the music arranger and producer Eli Cordero. Collaborated and co-wrote songs and poetry works with the writer and lead singer Luis Gonzalez.

He also collaborated with Grupo Cañaveral (Latin American folk music group, formed by Hilda Luisa Diaz Perera and his father Nelson Zuleta Sr.), among others.

In 2003, he released his first series of selective poems in the limited edition and exclusive edition: "7 Seconds in Eternity", a collection of 7 poems volumes, with selected works of poems, prose and songs that he picked up on his way.

Always tireless, he continues writing and composing in different genres.

He is currently preparing a musical production that will bring together some of his most representative works.

He Lives, in Oklahoma, USA, with his family.